Juniata Battery-Powered Yard Locomotive

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Railroad: Norfolk Southern
Model: BP4
Order No.:
Quantity: 1

Build No.	Bld Date	Road No.	Notes
4794		 8/09		NS 999		Donor unit:  NS 2911 GP38; originally PC 7732 GP38; to BUGX 999 (11/2019); to RPLX 999

Rebuilt 7/2014 to operate with 864 lead-carbon batteries from Axion Power International

 - Fully battery powered with no means of self-charging other than regenerative dynamic brakes
 - Regenerative braking can be automatically blended with independant brake or used similar to standard dynamic braking
 - Series of ducts and air channels throughout; one blower pushes air through the entire setup and exits through
   the louvers located on all of the long hood doors
 - 26L brake; 65:11 gear ratio; no CSS/LSL; DC traction motors
 - originally built with 1,080 lead-acid Odyssey batteries from EnerSys; 1,350 hp
 - Weighed approximately 294,300 lbs at first configuration in 2009
 - reconfigured 7/2014 with 864 lead-carbon batteries from Axion Power International and new battery management system by TVM Control Systems

 9/28/2009:  (NS Corp) Batteries ARE included: Norfolk Southern Unveils Experimental Electric Locomotive
 9/28/2009:  (YouTube) Roll Out of NS 999
 9/29/2009:  (Altoona Mirror) Norfolk Southern Unveils World’s First Electric Locomotive
 9/29/2009:  (US DOT) Norfolk Southern 999 Demonstrates Commitment to Making Transportation Cleaner and Greener
 10/1/2009:  (PSU) Penn State and Norfolk Southern Develop Battery-Powered Train
   10/2009:  (EnerSys) Odyssey Batteries Power Norfolk Southern's Prototype Hybrid Four-Axle Switcher
 7/21/2010:  (MARAMA) Regenerative / Hybrid Locomotive Technology
 3/20/2012:  (USPTO) Patent Granted to Norfolk Southern for Battery-Powered All-Electric Locomotive and Related Locomotive and Train Configurations
 4/26/2012:  (PR Newswire) Axion Power Receives Initial Norfolk Southern Order for PbC® Batteries
 9/28/2012:  (Altoona Mirror) PSU, Norfolk Southern Receive Federal Grant
 10/3/2012:  (New Castle News) Federal Grant to Fund Hybrid Rail Locomotive
   11/2012:  2012 Norfolk Southern Sustainability Report
11/15/2012:  (Seeking Alpha) Axion Power International's CEO Discusses Q3 2012 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
  1/5/2013:  (NBSNews FutureTech) Battery Aging Reversed to Keep Electric Train Chugging Along
 1/11/2013:  (Axion Power)  PbC Batteries Continue To Demonstrate Effectiveness For Railroad Applications
    7/2013:  (NS Corp) 2013 Sustainability Report
  2/4/2014:  (Google Patents) Battery-powered all-electric and/or hybrid locomotive and related locomotive and train configurations
  4/1/2014:  (Seeking Alpha) Axion Power International's CEO Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
    7/2014:  (NS Corp) 2014 Sustainability Report
   11/2019:  Sold at auction to BUGX
 6/19/2020:  Zero-Emission Locomotive “999” Restored For Use In California

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