Altoona Area Photos

PC & CR Era

1968 or 1969
The old Altoona passenger station stood at 12th Street and 10th Avenue and was demolished in 1971.
Unknown Date
The Hollidaysburg Car Shop and yard. The yard is full!
Unknown photographer
July 1977
Hiding behind the former EL switcher is PC 73600, an F7B frame and shell used to transport E-unit 567 engines from the Juniata Shops to DeWitt and Wilmington during the RS-3M rebuild program.
Photo by Bob Zimmermann
Former Tin & Machine Shop of the Altoona Car Shops. Now part of Lumax.
Library of Congress photo
Overall view of the Juniata Shops from the west end at Chestnut Avenue.
Library of Congress photo
The famous sign.
Library of Congress photo
April 1991
Here's an interesting photo. This is the Juniata Shops testbed before being painted the grey Conrail Q#1. Today this is NS 1000.
Photo by J.B. Kerr.
Lots of blue units stored at the shops. Many of these units are no longer with us today.
Photo by J.B. Kerr.
October 1995
During Railfest 1995, Conrail's freshly refurbished dome car was open for tours.
Photo by Paul Tupaczewski

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