What is an Admiral Cab?

The short answer to this question is, the Admiral Cab is a Norfolk Southern-designed narrow-nose and low-hood cab which meets current FRA crashworthiness standards, not to be confused with the wide-nosed SD60E (or Crescent) cab. NS contracts with Curry Rail. of Curryville, PA (now operating out of the former Hollidaysburg Car Shop) to build the Admiral and Crescent cabs.

The Admiral Cab retains the basic look and feel of a standard EMD cab, the exceptions being sharper angles, angled center windows, raised numberboard section, and under-floor air conditioning. The most important difference isn't visible from the outside. The nose portion of the Admiral cab is made of one inch thick steel vs. the quarter inch steel of the original EMD cab. This increase in thickness creates a safer environment for the crew in the event of a collision. The Admiral Cab weighs 12,500 lbs compared to the 3,500 lbs of an EMD cab and comes delivered to Juniata in one piece.

For years the Juniata Shops have been installing new EMD style cabs on GP38-2, GP38-3, GP22ECO, GPTEB, and lastly, RP-E4C and SD40-2 rebuilds. Two of the last SD40-2s to receive the EMD style cab were NS 3227 and 3284, which were built as high short hood and long hood forward. So far SD40-2s, RP-E4C & RP-M4C road slugs, GP59Es, and GP33ECOs have received the Admiral cab.

Admiral Cab Drawings!"The SD40-2 cab replacement sports a new cab, designed by Juniata and dubbed the 'admirals cab.' Unlike a traditional cab, the front windows slope inward from the top down, intended to cut glare, similar to windshields on Navy vessels. The design idea came from retired Adm. Paul Reason, who serves on NS' board of directors." BizNS V3 I6 Nov-Dec 2011

The first locomotive equipped with an Admiral Cab was NS 6125 released in late April 2011. NS 737, an RP-E4C road slug, was the first 'non-SD40-2' to receive the new cab. GP59E and GP33ECO rebuilds also get the Admiral cab but with a shorter nose.

Enjoy The Photos Below!

4/1/11: This is NS 6119 sitting just east of the
Smith Shop with its new Admiral cab.

4/1/11: A closer look at the cab, these were the first
public photos of the Admiral cab to surface.

7/28/11: A SD40-2 sits outside waiting for shop
space to get its new Admiral cab.

9/13/11: Spare Admiral and Crescent cabs sit at
the west end of the Juniata Shops.

11/11/11: A pair of Admiral cabs side-by-side.

2/23/11: Here's a pair of former Southern high-hood SD40-2s waiting
to enter the shop to get their new low-nose Admiral Cabs.

4/24/12: Close up photo of a pair of Admiral cabs.

11/2012: NS 6085 with a new Admiral cab

4/10/13: Close up look at the short nose version
of the Admiral cab as seen on some GP59Es and on the GP33ECO.

4/13/15: Here's an example of the short nose version
of the Admiral cab on a GP33ECO.

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