Curry Rail Services
Construction List

Build No.	Bld Date	Road No.	Model	Weight		Donor Unit		Notes
		12/2015		FWDX 0002	TP70	200,000 lbs	PWSX (CP) 785 SD40-2	Cat C9.3 475 hp tier 3 emissions; for Kinder Morgan at North Vancouver, BC; transferred to Pilgrim Farms at Hanford, CA 8/2016; transferred to Baker Hughes at Crome, CA 1/2017; transferred to Richardson International at Thunder Bay, ON
		 1/2016		FWDX 0003	TP56	160,000 lbs	PWSX (CP) 785 SD40-2	Cat C9.3 400 hp tier 4 emissions; demonstrator at Curry Rail in Hollidaysburg, PA

11/2015 another frame arrived cut in two pieces from a former Union Pacific unit.

 - TractivePower TP56 Brochure
 - The first TP-C (TP56 #5601) was built 11/2013 at Squamish, BC (on the frame of CP 5805) and later sold to Parish & Heimbecker Ltd in 12/2014 (Cat C9 375 hp tier 3 engine)
 - Photos from Curry Rail

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