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June 2006
During the summer of 2006, Juniata tested and painted a group of 10 SD70ACes under contract for Electro-Motive. Here's one in primer.
Photo by Andy Charlesworth
March 2007
RPCX 1020 is seen at the backshop with its new pilot. This F unit became NS 4271.
Photo by Robert Pisani
RPCX 1010 on the turntable. This F unit became NS 4270.
Photo by Robert Pisani
October 2008
Alexander Railroad Co. #9
Photo by Andrew Blaszczyk
July 2009
Keith Burkey spots NS 999, a BP-4 class fully battery powered switcher. The frame belongs to NS 2911, and notice only a small portion of the long hood was used. The cab is new as well. This unit has no generator to charge the batteries except regenerative braking from Brookville Manufacturing. It is designed to be plugged in when not in use.
Photo by Keith Burkey
August 2009
Bruce was super lucky. He caught three road slugs, all in slightly different stages of construction.
Photo by Bruce Bryan
June 2010
A new road slug has been kitbashed together and is taking a spin on the turntable. This is NS 718, an RP-E4C road slug, converted from NS GP38 2940. Note the new cab; not all of these got new cabs.
Photo by Rich Rosinski
October 2010
Here's a first look at NS 6900, the first of several SD60E units to come. This was rebuilt from one of the engines involved in the Graniteville incident.
Photo by Scott Tish
The unusual cab came from Curry Supply, designed by NS. Juniata modified the side windows, as it came with very small windows.
Photo by Scott Tish
November 2010
NS 6900 is seen at Birmingham, AL after a long trip from Altoona.
by Casey Thomason
May 2011
Here's an interesting scene with a pair of SD40-2s in for recabbing.
Photo by Brad Morocco
January 2012
NS 6304 SD60E is nearing completion.
Photo by Nevin Byers
April 2012
A worker torches off parts of NS 6571's old cab. As part of its conversion to SD60E, it will receive a new "widecab."
Photo by Jamey Rickens
March 2013
Presenting the NS 4650, the first GP59E rebuilt. This was originally an EMD demo GP59.
Photo by Brice Barrett
Lots of Admiral and Crescent cabs at Curry Supply waiting to be trucked to the Juniata Shops.
Photo by Roy Hunt
April 2013
The RailKing moving around the incomplete NS 6925.
Photo by Collin Reinhart
August 2013
NS 4653 GP59E is seen at the backshop mostly complete.
Photo by Mike Breen
April 2020
NS 4800, the experimental Tier 4 GP34ECO, is spotted outside the Juniata Shops.
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