Juniata Diesel Conversions
F40PH to F40PH w/ dynamic brakes
for Amtrak

6 units

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld		Notes
GOT 510 F40PH		AMTK 410 F40PH		early/91	to LTEX
GOT 511 F40PH		AMTK 411 F40PH		early/91	to AMT 411
GOT 512 F40PH		AMTK 412 F40PH		early/91	Scrapped 2000-03
GOT 513 F40PH		AMTK 413 F40PH		early/91	Rebuilt to NPCU 90413
GOT 514 F40PH		AMTK 414 F40PH		early/91	Probably scrapped
GOT 515 F40PH		AMTK 415 F40PH		early/91	to Panama Canal 1861

Work Done:
 - Dynamic brakes added
 - Cab air conditioning installed
 - Miscellaneious Amtrak-specified tidbits added
 - Repainted into Amtrak phase 3 scheme

Copyright 2008-2011 L.R. Myers. All rights reserved.

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