Juniata Diesel Conversions
B36-7 to B36-7a
for El Cerrejon-Zona Norte

5 units, 3 by Juniata

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld	Notes
NS 3818 B36-7		HATX 1009 B36-7a	 3/98	Originally SOU 3818
NS 3816 B36-7		HATX 1010 B36-7a	 1/99	Originally SOU 3816
NS 3819 B36-7		HATX 1011 B36-7a	10/99	Originally SOU 3819
NS 3815 B36-7		HATX 1012 B36-7a	12/99	Originally SOU 3815; stipped at Juniata, finished at Roanoke
NS 3603 B36-7		HATX 1013 B36-7a	11/04	Originally CR 5006

 - B36-7a is an unofficial model designation where the 'a' stands for 'armored' for my records only.
 - GENX 1011 and 1012 were done at Roanoke
 - Rebuilt for El Cerrejon-Zona Norte of Columbia

Work Done:
- Extra metal and bullet proof glass added for armored cab
- Former Southern units had a new low nose cab installed and were converted to short hood forward.
- Overhauled and repainted

Copyright 2004-2011 L.R. Myers. All rights reserved.

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