Juniata Diesel Conversions
F40PH/F40PHR to F40PH-2CAT
for Metro-North

4 units
Detailed Information for this rebuild program in PDF format

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld	Notes
AMTK 370 F40PHR		MNCR 4191 F40PH-2CAT	 1/00	to MNCR 4907
AMTK 382 F40PHR		MNCR 4192 F40PH-2CAT	 2/00	to MNCR 4908
AMTK 308 F40PH		MNCR 4193 F40PH-2CAT	12/03	to MNCR 4909
AMTK 310 F40PHR		MNCR 4194 F40PH-2CAT	 3/04	to MNCR 4910

Work Done:
- Carbody extended and rear platform elimated to fit Cat HEP unit
- Cat HEP genset installed
- Original 1500 gallon fuel tanks replaced with 2500 gallon tanks

- F40PHR is identical to F40PH using trade-in parts from SDP40Fs

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