Juniata Diesel Conversions
F59PH to Cab Control Unit
for NC DOT

3+ units

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld	Notes
RNCX 18536 F59PH	RNCX 101 CCU		 3/17
RNCX 18541 F59PH	RNCX 102 CCU 		 2/17
RNCX 18542 F59PH	RNCX 103 CCU		 8/17

RNCX 18521 F59PH	RNCX 10x CCU			In progress 8/2017
RNCX 18546 F59PH	RNCX 10x CCU			In progress 3/2017

Work Done:
- Converted to cab control units for NC-DOT passenger service

- RNCX 18547 and 18551 extensively rebuilt and repainted as 1871 "Town of Cary" (done 4/2017) and 1984 "City of Kannapolis" (done 2/2017) respectively
- All units were originially GO Transit
- As of 4/12/17, the renumbering plan on The Diesel Shop roster is at least partially incorrect.

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