Juniata Diesel Conversions
GP59 to GP59E
for Norfolk Southern

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12 units

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld	Notes
NS 4607 GP59		NS 4650 GP59E		3/13	Equipped with Admiral cab w/ shortened nose
NS 4606 GP59		NS 4651 GP59E		5/13	Equipped with Admiral cab w/ shortened nose
NS 4622 GP59		NS 4652 GP59E		8/13	Equipped with Admiral cab w/ shortened nose; labeled 4636 just before rebuild but never operated as 4636
NS 4608 GP59		NS 4653 GP59E		9/13	Equipped with Admiral cab w/ shortened nose
NS 4631 GP59		NS 4654	GP59E		1/14
NS 4637 GP59		NS 4655	GP59E		2/14
NS 4620 GP59		NS 4656 GP59E		3/14
NS 4626 GP59		NS 4657 GP59E		4/14
NS 4640 GP59		NS 4658 GP59E		6/14
NS 4638 GP59		NS 4659 GP59E		6/14
NS 4615 GP59		NS 4660 GP59E		7/14
NS 4632 GP59		NS 4661 GP59E		8/14

Work Done:
 - EM2000 microprocessor installed, including all new electrical cabinet and SmartStart auto start/stop
 - 12-710G3A engine upgraded to 12N-710G3B-EC (this is what the plate on the engine says) (not a new engine, not certain on emissions level just yet, Tier 0+?)
 - NS-designed split cooling installed with added intercooler fan between extended inertial filter boxes
 - Original long hood retained
 - Equipped with cab signals, LSL and CCB26 electronic air brake
 - Changed from long hood forward to short hood forward where applicable
 - EMDEC Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) system
 - Setup to operate with RP-M4C road slugs


 - "12N" in the engine desgination indicates a new firing order
 - 3000 horsepower (software-limited and capable of 3300hp)

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