Juniata Diesel Conversions
MP15DC to 2100 hp MP21E
for Norfolk Southern

1 unit

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld	Notes
NS 2423 MP15DC		NS 2423 MP15E		12/11	Not properly repainted until May 2013, classed MP15E until 11/2013 despite being 2100 hp

Work Done:
 - Repowered with a turbocharged EMD 12-645E3C (this is what the emissions plate says) with AR10 alternator for 2,100 horsepower
 - When initially rebuilt in 2011 it was rated 2500hp; in 2013 it was dropped to 2100hp
 - Long hood modified with turbo stack and larger radiator w/ electric fan to handle larger engine (originally 3 small fans, then one large fan as seen 2/2013)
 - Trucks overhauled
 - Upgraded to Tier 2+ emissions
 - Cab upgraded at Roanoke and equipped with A/C
 - Upgraded with alignment control draft gear and Elcon traction control

 - Sold to Midwest Rail (MWRX) 11/2019

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