Juniata Diesel Conversions
SD40/SD40-2 to SD33ECO
for Norfolk Southern

9+ units

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld	Frame No.	Notes
NS 1613 SD40		NS 6210 SD33ECO		11/16			Long hood from NS 1615; (1613's long hood went to an RP-M4C)
NS 1615 SD40		NS 6211 SD33ECO		12/16
NS 3194 SD40		NS 6212 SD33ECO		12/16
NS 3436 SD40-2		NS 6213 SD33ECO		12/16			Originally PRR 6102; built as SD40 and rebuilt as SD40-2 in 1993
NS 3437 SD40-2		NS 6214 SD33ECO		12/16			Long hood from CSXT 8868; originally PRR 6047; built as SD40 and rebuilt as SD40-2 in 1993
NS 3431 SD40-2		NS 6215 SD33ECO		 7/17			Originally KCS; built as SD40 and rebuilt as SD40-2 in 1993
NS 3435 SD40-2		NS 6216 SD33ECO		 9/17			Originally PRR 6100; built as SD40 and rebuilt as SD40-2 in 1993
NS 3417 SD40-2		NS 6217 SD33ECO		11/17			Built as CR 6507 SD40-2
NS 3441 SD40-2		NS 6218 SD33ECO		12/17			Originally PRR 6080; built as SD40 and rebuilt as SD40-2 in 1993

Former numbers for units not yet frame checked and especially for those not completed are always 'suspect' and are listed for entertainment only.
NS 3444 SD40-2		NS 6219 SD33ECO					In progress 3/2018
NS 3383 SD40-2		NS 6220 SD33ECO					In progress 6/2018; built as an SD40 in 1970, rebuilt in 1996/97 as an SD40-2
NS 3434 SD40-2		NS 6221 SD33ECO					Present 7/2018; built as an SD40 (PRR 6077), rebuilt in 1993 as an SD40-2
NS 3428	SD40-2		NS 6222 SD33ECO					Present 8/2018; built as an SD40, rebuilt in 1993 as an SD40-2
NS			NS 6223 SD33ECO	

Work Done:
 - EM2000 microprocessor installed, including all new electrical cabinet, SmartStart auto start/stop, and layover equipment
 - 16-645 engine replaced with a 12N-710G3B-T3 (tier 3)

 - Admiral cab equipped with original long hood retained and addition of flared radiator similar to phase 2 SD70M
 - Changed from long hood forward to short hood forward where applicable
 - Trucks modified to clasp brakes with 6 brake cylinders per truck
 - Setup to operate with RPU6/RPU6D slugs
 - Units upgraded with extended range dynamic brake where applicable
 - EMDEC Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) system
 - CCB26 electronic air brake
 - Not remote control or cab signal equipped

 - 3000 or 3300 horsepower (capable of 3300hp but can be software-limited to 3000hp)

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