Juniata Diesel Conversions
SD40-2 to SD38-2 to SD40-2
for Norfolk Southern

1 unit

Detailed Information for this rebuild program in PDF format

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As	Rbld	Rebuilt As	Rbld	Notes
NS 6206 SD40-2		NS 3821 SD38-2	 6/04	NS 6206 SD40-2	 5/13

Work Done 2004:
- Turbo replaced with blowers, resulting in 2000 hp
- Middle radiator fan removed
- Converted to slug master for RPU6's
- Air conditioner installed
- Changed from long hood forward to short hood forward

Work Done 2013:
- Turbo reinstalled
- Middle radiator fan reinstalled

- Many other SD40-2s weren rebuilt to slug masters but this is the only one to be derated.
- Not cab signal or LSL equipped

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