Juniata Diesel Conversions
for Norfolk Southern

0+ units by Juniata

Program to begin once all of the SD90MACs are rebuilt as SD70ACU.
Units will get engine overhauls at the shop to prepare for the ACU upgrade and bump in horsepower.

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld	Notes
NS 7200 SD80MAC						At Juniata Shops missing engine as of 1/22/19
NS 7201 SD80MAC						
NS 7202 SD80MAC						Overhaul 5/2017 in preparation of SD80ACU rebuild; upgraded to Tier 1+
NS 7203 SD80MAC						
NS 7204 SD80MAC
NS 7205 SD80MAC
NS 7206 SD80MAC
NS 7207 SD80MAC						Overhaul 5/2018 in preparation of SD80ACU rebuild; upgraded to Tier 1+
NS 7208 SD80MAC
NS 7209 SD80MAC
NS 7210	SD80MAC						Suffered major fire damage to its cab 11/2016 after electrical fire
NS 7211 SD80MAC
NS 7212 SD80MAC
NS 7213 SD80MAC
NS 7214 SD80MAC						Overhaul 6/2018 in preparation of SD80ACU rebuild; upgraded to Tier 1+
NS 7215 SD80MAC						Recieved rebuilt engine 9/2018 after sitting out of service for a while without an engine
NS 7216 SD80MAC						Overhaul 12/2018 in preparation of SD80ACU rebuild; upgraded to Tier 1+
NS 7217 SD80MAC
NS 7218 SD80MAC
NS 7219 SD80MAC
NS 7220 SD80MAC
NS 7221 SD80MAC
NS 7222 SD80MAC
NS 7223 SD80MAC
NS 7224 SD80MAC						
NS 7225 SD80MAC
NS 7226 SD80MAC
NS 7227 SD80MAC
NS 7228 SD80MAC

Work Done:
 - Some units overhauled before the actual rebuild to SD80ACU, such as 7202 and at least one other as of 11/2017
 - Old cab replaced with EMD isolated SD70ACe cab with completely new wiring and electronics
 - ICE (Integrated Cab Electronics) displays replaced with FIRE (Functional Integrated Railroad Electronics) displays with new EM2000 to replace old EM2000
 - EPIC air brake replaced with CCB2
 - Siemens inverters replaced with Mitsubishi inverters
 - Ultra Cab II installed with Conrail cab signals and LSL (these units were, of course, already equipped with cab signals)
 - Rear ditch lights installed and pneumatic bell replaced with electronic bell
 - Ballasted up to 432,000 lbs
 - 20-710 engine overhauled prior to the rebuilding and upgraded to 5500 hp in the ACU rebuild process
 - Truck work done as-needed but original Siemens traction motors remain


SD70/SD80 Comparison
Model Engine Main Alt. Inverters Traction Motors
SD80MAC (5000 hp) 20-710G3B-ES TA22 Siemens 1TB2830
SD80ACU (5500 hp) 20-710G3B-ES TA22 Mitsubishi 1TB2830
SD70ACe (4300 hp) 16-710G3C TA17 Mitsubishi A3432

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