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Altoona Machine Shops 1881
This map is misslabeled as the 12st Street Car Shop. It was not known as this until sometime after 1904.
The original shop built in Altoona starting in the 1850s, very little remains today. This shop built locomotives between 1866 and 1904 and was later the site of the famous test plant. This area is now occupied by Altoona Pipe & Steel, the Altoona Railroader's Memorial Museum, the Station Medical Center, and a grocery store (9th street to 17th street). After locomotives were no longer built here, this shop was later renamed the 12th Street Car Shop.
Altoona Machine Shops 1905
The original shop built in Altoona. After locomotives were no longer built here, this shop was renamed the 12th Street Car Shop.
Altoona Car Shops 1905
This shop built many passenger cars. This site and most of the original buildings exist today as the Union Tank Car Company. In later days, the Juniata Shop annexed part of this shop and redevelopped it for locomotive use.
Juniata Shops 1905
The first locomotive was produced in this shop in 1891. Several additions have been made to the Juniata Shops, including the huge Erecting and Machine Shop on the north end. Locomotive production haulted here in 1946. Most of the original (pre-1946) structures exist today as the Juniata Locomotive Shop. During the transition to diesels, this shop was refitted for their maintenance. This shop is still believed to be one of the largest and most versatile locomotive shops in the world. Today the complex stretches from 6th street in Juniata to 1st street in Altoona.
East Altoona Enginehouse 1905
This large portion of the Altoona Yard was set aside for servicing of locomotives on the Pittsburgh and Middle Divisions. The roundhouse at this site was the largest in the world for locomotive servicing with 52 stalls. Unfortunately, nothing but foundations remain of this complex. All yard tracks are gone from this area also. The old 17th street bridge crossed half of the yard at this location until 2011.
South Altoona Foundries 1905
This site manufactured most major castings for the entire PRR system. It was built along what is now the Cove Secondary. Only a couple tracks remain here, but the buildings are largely in their original form. Cookson Electronics occupies the main two buildings, which are foundries #1 and #2. 84 Lumber occupies the south end of the site.
Altoona Yards 1905
As you can see, the Altoona Yards were once, and still are, very extensive. The Westbound Empty Receiving yard is now gone, and probably about half of the rest of the yard is used for storage or has been removed. The entire yard was once 4 miles long from end to end; today the active portion is about 3 miles long.
Altoona Yards 1925
Here is a more recent map of the Altoona Works complex from the South Altoona Foundries to the Juniata Shops. (1.2 MB)
Mill Run Engine Facility 1929
Proposed (never built) engine facility at Mill Run in Altoona, PA as part of a proposed plan to electrify the main line to Pittsburgh.
(925 KB)
PRR 1929 Proposed Electrification and Resulting Changes to Altoona Yards - West half
PRR looked into electrifying the main line west of Harrisburg several times. This map shows the changes and expansion that would have occured in Altoona.
(5.8 MB)
PRR 1929 Proposed Electrification and Resulting Changes to Altoona Yards - East half
PRR looked into electrifying the main line west of Harrisburg several times. This map shows the changes and expansion that would have occured in Altoona.
(5.32 MB)
12th Street Car Shop 1931
Formally known as the Altoona Machine Shops, the 12th Street Car Shop was home to the famous test plant, which among other things, tested locomotives on a treadmill type setup to measure various operating statistics.
Altoona Car Shops & Juniata Shops 1931
Here we have a much more update view of the Altoona Car shop, now Union Tank Car Co, and the Juniata Shop.
South Altoona Foundries 1931
A simple, easy to understand updated diagram of the S. Altoona Foundries.
Altoona Works
This drawing shows the basic placement of the shops that made up the famous Altoona Works.
Altoona Yards 1946
This map dated January 1, 1946 shows all main line and yard tracks from Bell to Slope except the Altoona Car Shop and Juniata Shop.
Allegheny Portage RR and New Portage RR 1948
This map shows the rights of way of the Allegheny Portage RR, the New Portage RR, and the original PRR alignment as well as the current alignment.
(2.9 MB)
South Altoona Foundries revised 8/8/1951
(2.1 MB)
Juniata Shops revised 5/9/1952
(3 MB)
Altoona Car Shops revised 8/24/1954
(5.9 MB)
12th Street Car Shops revised 6/20/1961
(2.5 MB)
Hollidaysburg Car Shop
Layout of the Hollidaysburg Car Shop.
Hollidaysburg Car Shop
Diagram of the entire Hollidaysburg Yard.
Juniata Locomotive Shop 2/15/1988
ZTS map of the entire Juniata Shops. (2.4 MB)
Juniata Locomotive Shop 2005
This aerial view is looking east. The E&M shop is the farthest north, with the other main shop buildings south of it. The long building in the middle is the Miscellaneious shop where the NS business train is kept.
Photo by Mike Breen.
Juniata Locomotive Shop 2007
This aerial view is looking north and shows the main part of the shop. The E&M shop is toward the top right. The powerplant is at the center of the complex. The paintshop is the blue building near bottom center. The testshed is the smaller brown building near center right.
Drawing for SD40E Cab Signal box
Drawing for SD40E Helperlink Bracket
Drawings for the NS-Designed Admiral Cab
As seen on various rebuilds from the Juniata Shops.
* A Work in Progress *
Drawings for the NS-designed Crescent Cab
As seen on the SD60E and a C40-8.
* A Work in Progress *
Juniata Locomotive Shop 2013
Diagram of the Juniata Shops published by NS in 2011 and improved in 2013.
Locomotive Drawings:
Class P (4-4-0) - 1894 (1.3 MB)
Class E1 (4-4-2) Camelback - 1899
Class G4 (4-6-0) - 1899
Class H6 (2-8-0) - 1899
Class K4s (4-6-2) - 1914
Class I1s (2-10-0) - 1916
Class A5s (0-4-0) - 1917
Class B6sb (0-6-0) - 1924
Class C1 (0-8-0) - 1925
Class K5 (4-6-2) - 1929
Class T1 (4-4-4-4) - 1946 (Baldwin version, 1.4 MB)
Class BP4 (NS 999) - 2009 - Norfolk Southern Drawing

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