Juniata Diesel Conversions
SD40-2 to SD40-3
for Norfolk Southern

Low nose "Admiral Cab" installed and microprocessor control added

5+ units

Rebuilt From		Rebuilt As		Rbld		Notes
NS 3557 SD40-2		NS 6400 SD40-3		 9/21
NS 3568 SD40-2		NS 6401 SD40-3		 8/21
NS 3519 SD40-2		NS 6402 SD40-3		10/21
NS 3559 SD40-2		NS 6403 SD40-3		10/21
NS 3584 SD40-2		NS 6404 SD40-3				In progress 5/2021
NS 3528 SD40-2		NS 6405 SD40-3		11/21		Flared radiators from its time as a Liquified Natural Gas test unit modified back to standard SD40-2 radiators
NS 3521 SD40-2		NS 6406 SD40-3				In progress 5/2021
NS 3518 SD40-2		NS 6407 SD40-3				In progress 5/2021
NS 3520 SD40-2		NS 6408 SD40-3				In progress 5/2021
NS 3558 SD40-2		NS 6409 SD40-3				In progress 8/2021
NS 3533 SD40-2		NS 6410 SD40-3				In progress
NS 3523 SD40-2		NS 6411 SD40-3				In progress 10/2021
NS 3565 SD40-2		NS 6412 SD40-3				In progress 11/2021; rebuilt in 2019 with an admiral cab
NS 3506 SD40-2		NS 6413 SD40-3				In progress 11/2021; rebuilt in 2015 with an admiral cab and equipped with TMV Control Systems traction and engine control unit
			NS 6414 SD40-3
NS 3511 SD40-2		NS 6415 SD40-3

Work Done:
 - "Admiral Cab" with under-floor air conditioning installed.... What is an Admiral Cab?
 - Cab design by Norfolk Southern and built by Curry Rail of Hollidaysburg, PA
 - Upgraded to Tier 0+ emissions, equipped with EM2000 microprocessor control system, CCB26 electronic air brake, and new electrical cabinet
 - Overhauled and repainted
 - Electric parking brake installed with manual override wheel on long hood


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